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3.4U Inspection with COABIS

Job details:

Location: Angola, Africa
Duration: 5 Year Contract
Rotation: 28/28
Rate: $800 or depends on qualification
Date: Tentative June 2012

3.4 U Data Recorder/ Inspection Coordinator

Provide support for Inspection, Maintenance and Engineering work on
Subsea facilities and Marine facilities. Assist in planning and
executing Subsea Inspection tasks on pipelines and structures.

Other Requirements:
1. Passport : Any international job requires that one must have the validity of his/her passport for a minimum of 2 years with 6 clean pages. We would urge the candidate to have this requirement met, for their own benefit.
2. Offshore Survival Including HUET - (Essential for job - however if the candidate does not have valid offshore survival certificate, this can be renewed or course can be attended to obtain certificate that needs to be submitted to us once cv is approved by client). Cost is not re-reimbursable.
3. Offshore Medical (UKOOA preferred) - (Essential for job - however if the candidate does not have valid offshore medical, this can be renewed or obtained once cv is approved by client). Cost is re-reimbursable.
4. Safety Certificate: Some basic courses are included in the Offshore Survival.
5. Yellow Fever Vaccination - Angolan job requires this, and can be obtained, once your cv is approved by client.
6. PCR - Current Clear Police Check Report is a must for Angolan visa application, which can be obtained once the cv is approved by client.
7. Angolan Visa - If the candidate has held an Angolan visa in the past, please provide prior information.





5 years

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