Welding Inspection and NDT

SubNet Services Ltd. provide services to the oilfield and other industries worldwide in the field of quality control operations using Expat and Philippine Technicians.

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Welding / InspectionWelding / InspectionWelding / Inspection

Personnel Supply:

SubNet Services Ltd. are ready to utilize full teams or single personnel only or with a comprehensive range of inspection equipment if needed, to complete your inspection requirements anywhere in the world.

Let us quote you now for your project services or personnel only supply.

NDT Inspection (VT, PT, MT, RT, UT)

SubNet Services Ltd. offer services that are accredited by internationally recognized agencies namely: UKAS, ASNT, IMCA, AJA and AWS. We supply Non-destructive Technique along with full range of welding inspection

We provide ASNT Certified Technician for any NDT discipline and AWS-CWI & CSWIP qualified inspectors for Visual Inspection.

Welding Consultation

Welding Engineering Consultancy which includes technical audits, appraisals of design, manufacture, suppliers, selection of the welding process, materials selection and evaluation.

Welding Inspection and Quality Control Services

This includes on-site welding surveillance, witnessing and qualifying welding procedure qualifications in accordance with API, ASME and other code and standard. Witnessing and qualifying welder qualifications in accordance with AWS-QC7-93 (other standards may be used for qualification if specified by the client).

Third-Party Inspection

Representing company for contractors in Auditing of QC System and Vendor surveillance.

Coating and Painting Inspection

NACE accredited Inspectors for your corrosive and coating evaluation and acceptance.

Certification / Approval

Welding Certification / Welder Approval - Pre Hire Philippines or Worldwide

SubNet can approve all welders in the Philippines or at your country location world wide. Including but not limited to API-1104, AWS.D1.1, ASME-IX - 6G Tig and SMAW etc.

Welding Inspection & NDT
  • On site surveillance of the test piece production against Written Procedures
  • Witnessing laboratory testing of the test pieces
  • Review of any Non-Destructive or other Test Results
  • Approval of the Weld Procedure (and welder if appropriate)
  • Qualified AWS CWI and CSWIP welding inspectors


SubNet Services Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of inspection Equipment

These include:

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
  • Underwater Thickness Gauges
  • X-Ray & Gamma-Ray Sources
  • Welding Gauges
  • Coating / Painting Test Equipment
Welding Inspection & NDT

SubNet Services Ltd. offers comprehensive non-destructive testing, welding consultation, welding inspection, third party inspection, coating / painting inspection to our Clients in any world location.

Welding Inspection & NDT

We provide these services within many fields of operation, such as, onshore or offshore oilfield platforms and refineries, structural steelwork & other fabrication, pipeline, boiler, pressure vessel, manufacturing & heavy equipment inspection.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing Corporate Partner
American Welding Society

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Welding Gauges

Welding gauges are available for checking alignment, checking dimensions before welding, verifying weld dimensions, and checking porosity of welds.


The Paint and Powder Coating Thickness Gauge

The Paint and Powder Coating Thickness Gauge provides a simple, accurate and reliable way to measure coatings on all smooth ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

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