SubNet Services can supply individual personnel OR help you assemble a complete project team with the necessary skill sets to complete that project. We can also offer project management of that team if required.

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Maintain and update records pertaining to each client.
Communicate rules of inspection to prospective and existing clients

Where necessary, prepare “Contract/Order Review Form” in consultation with TM/ATM/SI
Follow-up with clients and receive Purchase Order.
Receive inspection schedules from client and prepare Inspection plan
Maintain CV / files of entire staff

Maintain Inspectors’ Competency Matrix
Select & assign inspectors for inspection activities from established competency matrix
Assign project number for each client and update the project register. Maintain job register.
Provide the assigned inspectors with assignment sheet, copy of PO and all received documents from client which are necessary to perform the inspection
Monitor and update inspection schedule

Collect all relevant documents (Drawings, Datasheet, Specifications, Procedures, Special instruction etc) as per PO from client and store in job file
Receive Inspection reports from Inspectors
Arrange for report review by TM/ATM where necessary.
Arrange for approval of Inspection Certificates by TM
Submit the inspection report to client (preferably 48 hours after completion of inspection activity)
Register client complaints & appeal, actions – keep QM communicated.
Maintain Inspection reports, Certificates
Obtain feedback (performance survey) from clients and send to TM / ATM.
Review and understand the scope and limitation of inspection in consultation with TM/ATM/SI
Where necessary, coordinate & communicate with other branch staff
Organize witness monitoring of IN / SI and related staff as per schedule
Attend necessary trainings and participate in questionnaires.
Maintain the equipment in-out records.
Maintain the Master List of External documents





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