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Roles & Responsibilities
Should have undergone induction training and orientation for all technical procedures relevant to their competency based on the competency matrix designed.
Responsible to carry out examinations, check and analyze the conformity of the results in keeping with the relevant international standard requirements and the relevant approved procedures.

Prepare ITP as per the requirements or Review client provided ITP / methods and communicate with client in case of any discrepancy.
Should report all his findings and results in the inspection report correctly, accurately, and clearly.
In the event of any Non-Conforming Items the inspector shall fill out the Inspection Non Conformance Certificate appropriately.
Should assume utmost confidentiality of all findings obtained during inspection by signing the Confidentiality Statement at the time when appointed by . Should adhere to the commitment made by signing the “Conflict of Interest Declaration” as laid down by .
Ensure that any changes to competence qualification are communicated to TM. Also communicate to TM in the event that the client was employer in previous two years.
While using equipment/ instrument for inspection, the inspector should verify and ensure that it’s calibrated, ensuring the traceability to national / international standard.
At the end of the inspection at the client, after handing over report / certificate, shall request client to fill the “Inspection Performance Survey”. Once filled, this record will be submitted to Inspection Coordinator / office directly by the client.
Shall be aware of the documented system (manual and procedures) and Code of Conduct issued.
Use the latest codes / standards or as defined in ITP
Responsible to attend the awareness / training sessions and to allow proper competence evaluation and monitoring.
Responsible to follow all safety regulations of applicable at the point of inspection.
Where there is any doubt as to the item's suitability for the inspection to be carried out, or where the item does not conform to the description provided, the inspector shall contact the client and TM / IC before proceeding.





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