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Roles & Responsibilities

Prepare audit schedule for the country.

Perform system audits in the base country or other country.

Ensure internal audits are performed in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Remain fully accountable for the content and accuracy of the audit report and shall also provide necessary clarifications on request.

Assessment of those factors that can affect the reliability of the audit findings and conclusions.

Preparation of Internal Audit report and communicate findings effectively. Follow up on correction / corrective actions and verify effectiveness of actions, and accordingly close NC.

Keep QM updated about the status.

Perform internal witness monitoring audits

Coordinate with QM on management system related matters

IA shall manage, direct, monitor and shall be in complete control of the internal audit / witness monitoring process.

Keep updated about the latest changes to the system documents.

Authorized to access the applicable Operation Control Procedures – Authorized to access the necessary documents and records during audit.

Authorized to sign and approve audit report and communicate to auditee team and management.

Authorized to go into depth (sampling records) during assessment.

Authorized to sign and approve audit report and communicate to auditee team and management.

Authorized to assess the effectiveness of Corrections / Corrective actions and close the NCs. Authorized not to accept the actions where found ineffective and highlight to the management about the status of NCs.

Authorized to perform witness monitoring and mentoring.

Direct access to QM.

Complete authority during audit and subsequent verification of correction / corrective actions.

Authorized to access the documents.





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