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Lead Auditor

A Lead Auditor following authorities and responsibilities-
Approve the audit notification & plan
He/she is in-charge of the entire audit process in the capacity of team leader.
Define auditor’s roles (team assignments), advice the auditors in classification of findings. His authority on the classification is final unless subject to appeal by the client.
Authorized to close previous findings
Authorized to accept the correction and corrective action plan for NCs and Observations
Has an authority to call off an audit if his/her perception indicates that the audit objectives cannot be achieved.
Has an authority to recommend certification, continuation, expansion/reduction of the certification scope, recertification, certificate transfer, suspension, withdrawal of certificate based on the conclusion of the audit.
Prepare the audit notification & plan
Managing, directing, monitoring the proceeds of an audit, including conducting opening and closing meetings, where appointed as a LA.
Controlling the audit process including the audit team work delegations
Conferring with the auditors and conclude the nature of findings to be reported
Completing all objectives of audit.
Submission of audit report with recommendations and audit findings through MoU coordinator.
Is fully accountable for the content and accuracy of the audit report & audit pack and provide necessary clarifications to the Certification Decision committee if required to do so. Finalize entire audit pack and send
Contribute in decision committee to fill in scheme / sector specific gap





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