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Nigerian Divers

Job Closed

Start Date: 10th May
Diver Nationality: Nigerian
Diver Certificates: IMCA Standard (local Nigerian Certificates do not count)
Medical Certificate: Must be a diving medical (The doctor must have Hyperbaric experience)
Experience: + 3 years
Skill Set:
Bolt Tensioning, Stinger Checks, Spool Installation, Metrology and heavy all round Construction works
Personality Type: Reliable, Can take Instruction,
Build: Strong and can dive long periods
Language: Understand English and can speak local language
- 5 Years: $268.00
+ 5 Years: $323.00
Duration: 45 - 55 day rotations
Air Work Type: Air




45 - 55 days

Job is closed. You can no longer apply.

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