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Roles & Responsibilities
Preparation of Quality system documents to comply with requirements of ISO/EN 17020 and other explanatory documents or guidelines issued by accreditation body and or International accreditation forum (IAF).
Review L1 & L2 documents. Approve L3 & L4 documents. Approve Master list of Documents.
Prepare audit schedules, perform audits, and perform witness monitoring audits.

Provide induction and trainings (related to 17020 system, Internal auditor, documentation, Operational Control Procedures)
Overview Quality Management system functioning

Review internal audit reports and maintain audit summary logs as required by the Quality system.
Follow-up actions on all non-conformances identified.

Receive appeals and handle them. Initiate appeals committee. Act as secretary to appeals committee. Keep appellant updated about the status of appeal. Ensure correction and corrective actions for the decision of appeals committee.
Report on the performance of the Quality system for management review and as a basis for improvement.

Communicate the outcome of management review meetings and relevant information to external organizations.
Liaise with the TMs with regards the effective implementation of the Quality system.
Liaise with the Accreditation bodies.

Maintain master copies of documents (with change authority in server).

To ensure that external documents are maintained and regularly updated.
To maintain the Authorized personnel Signatures updated.
Participate in complaints resolution and ensure that effective correction and corrective actions are taken by Technical Team.
To distribute the documents as per procedure and distribution list within UAE and branches.





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