ROV Industry Training Courses

SubNet use competence based training to deliver more than the minimum IMCA syllabus for all our ROV Pilot Technician Courses.

ROV Entry Level Courses

IMPORTANT: There are 2 ROV entry level courses:
ROV4E = For new entrants to the ROV industry who have NO electronic technical certification or need to gain more.
ROV5E = For new entrants to the ROV industry who already have a technical certification such as Electronics or Fiber Optics.
S =
Content on-site at training school
E =
Start your training NOW today doing theoretical lessons from home with our e-learning modules then be assessed when you arrive at our school for a shorter time – same grading and certification. Try our Demo module now!
Code Course Name Home Study On Site Duration Course Cost (Includes all Taxes)
ROV4E Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Premium i SE Includes 4 Weeks $ 11397.00i Enquire
The R0V05 below is included as a part of ROV04 above.
ROV5E Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Standard i SE Includes 3 Weeks $ 6900.00i Enquire

ROV Advanced Level Courses

The following ROV Advanced Level Courses are available to type a & b personnel shown and who are already working in the ROV industry.
a: Personnel who are getting close to wanting to offer a higher skill set to ROV Companies and want promotion.
b: For ROV Companies who want to send their personnel for advanced hands on competence training before promotion.
Code Course Name Home Study On Site Duration Course Cost (Includes all Taxes)
ROV01S ROV Supervisor Course i S No 1 Week $ 3900.00i Enquire

ROV Supplementary Courses

The following ROV Supplementary Courses are available to type a & b personnel shown and who are already working in the ROV industry.
a: ROV personnel already in the industry but who may not have or who may need additional training that is included in the Modules listed.
b: Entry level ROV personnel who may have done a ROV course that did not include the training that is included in the Modules listed.
Code Course Name Home Study On Site Duration Course Cost (Includes all Taxes)
ROV1005CFOT Electronics and Fiber Optics for ROV Pilot Technicians i S No 2 Weeks $ 4495.00i Enquire
SN/R04/001CFOT High Voltage and Fiber Optics for ROV Pilot Technicians i S No 1 Week $ 2200.00i Enquire
ROV1002 ROV Familiarisation Basic Introductory Module i E Yes Online    
Instructors gave us their full time. They did so much help to us during the course in matter of practical and theoretical.
— Ooi H - Malaysia
Would definitely recommend this course and package to all the people.
— Blair S - Australia
I am flying work class ROV every day now but I still remember having to build my own tiny ROV project on the SubNet course. Putting all those bits of plastic and components together and making it fly in the test tank with the laptop was fun but so interesting and worthwhile. I still have that project in my home I just can't throw it.
— JS - UK-Thailand
I have had great jobs fast last few months since being with Subnet on the Supervisors course." "I just completed my first Supervisor job and did well. (Instructors from the course would be proud of me) I have just been thanked by the Client for 'A Great job' .
— John C - UK
The instructors gave me extra help on difficult task until I proved it. I am now working in ROV company In Nigeria - great pay thanks.
— Becon A - Nigeria
It was a great experience for me in learning ROV and I enjoyed the course very much. I really appreciate it.  1. Very kind staff members.  2. Good instructors and equipment  3. Good facilities  4. Interesting place!
— Alai W - Malaysia
Very comprehensive course where we had to prove ouselves doing meaningful tasks. Enjoyable.
— Paul S - Canada
On the the training, I get a lot of useful knowledge, information and great experience in ROV. It’s really satisfying.
— Stanley J - Malaysia
Quality Package. So much is included. Good response.
— Rajkumar K - India
ROV instructors had excellent knowledge of the subject and were happy to help whenever they could. My skills with the ROV manipulators and sonar improved much quicker than I Imagined. Thanks for their help. I will be recommending this course to others.
— Aaron S - Australia
Overall it was a good course. Excellent instructors and friendly admin staff.
— Joel P - USA
Good lecturers, well organized package with quality hands on training tasks.
— Anonymous – from batch 30th June 2011 - USA
Your ROV Introduction Course over the internet should be mandatory. I really mean that. I understood so much when I arrived at the training. I felt comfortable on my first few jobs offshore as I understood the basics of what the guys were doing and more important what they were talking about.
— Brian L - UK
I am not available for the job you offer. I have been working for the same ROV company ever since I finished the Subnet ROV course. They look after me well thanks.
— Sam P - UK
All Good on this course and location.
— Andre K - Russia
ROV Pilot Training was very good and exciting!
— Oleksandr T - Ukraine
Good accommodation and food provided. Transportation always punctual.Staff are very friendly and helpful. Great inctrustors that conduct the piloting course.Overall a good experience.
— Jack A - USA
Very helpful and experience instructors. Effective piloting skills taught from both instructors.Instructors maintain a good relationship with students which help in communications and learning easier.Overall thumbs up for the ROV instructors. They’ve made learning an enjoyment!!
— So C - Malaysia
Instructors especialy Basic Electronics: very knowledgeable of the course contents.Transport was very good and very punctual.
— JM - Singapore
Training, Travel and customer Service were excellent
— Mathew S - USA
Instructor has an excellent knowledge in ROV Operation and Maintenance with Positive Attitude
— Jesery M - PI
Thanks to our instructor for all his help.He has been runnig around all the time to make sure that things going according to training schedule.And to the staff,who has been very helpful.
— Daryl L - Malaysia
Friendly Instructors!! Great Course loved It…
— Azrul A - Malaysia
Instructors and equipment was both top notch. Accommodations & travel were handled very well.
— Brandon P - USA
Yes Since Passing the Subnet ROV Commercial ROV Course i have had work as follows. ROV Supervisor  - Sonsub Saipem Eni. as  for OLT Offshore LNG Toscana platform in Italy ROV Pilot/tech - Sonsub Saipem Eni Pilot Tech - Castor UGS Development Project in Spain. Pilot/Tech for Nippon Salvage Co in Japan. Pilot/Tech in Workshop. Pilot/Tech at Tindalo Well, Nido Petroleum, Pacific Battler. Offshore Manpower SA (OMSA) as Pilot/Tech in Workshop. Pilot/Tech for pipeline damage survey report, Rubicon Offshore Int. Pilot/Tech for Jack-up Installation support vessel. Aquamarine Drill rig (Panama) Tindalo Well head (Nido Petroleum)
— Kevin P
I did my training with Subnet in Philippines Commercial ROV Pilot My last work was Bidco Limited- EOG Tucan Platform ROV Pilot Tech ii
— Seon S
I have had a lot of work since doing my ROV Course at Subnet. Lamnalco Ltd. U.A.E ROV pilot/tech Canadian Nexen Terminal Ash Shihr August 06, 2007 – October 05, 2007 Fugro Survey Pte. Ltd ROV pilot/tech - Loyang Ofsshore Supply Base November 05, 2007 – Present
— Ian B
A brief example of the work done since doing the Subnet Commercial Rov Course follows. • ROV Pilot Tech in Doha, Qatar at the PS-1 field contracted to Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd.• ROV Pilot Technician in Saudi Arabia at the Ras Al Khafji Oilfield for the RS12 ROV Pipelay Support Project on behalf of Client Global Al Rushaid Offshore Company • ROV Pilot Technician in Egypt for the MSS Denise Project on behalf of client SAIPEM at the Petrobel Oilfield Many more world wide projects
— Bharat S
I did the Subnet ROV Commercial ROV Pilot Tech Course. a sample of my work since:R.O.V Pilot Technician  Fugro ROVTECH, Client: Sub Ocean GroupR.O.V Pilot Technician MMT AB, Client: NordstreamR.O.V Pilot Technician Fugro UAE (Staff)ROV PT J-Ray Mc Dermott/ Armaco, Safaniya Field, KSA (Saudi Arabia)R.O.V Pilot Technician MMT AB, Client: NordstreamR.O.V Pilot Technician Fugro UAE (Staff) Client: J-Ray Mc Dermott/ Ras Gas. North Field, QatarR.O.V Pilot Technician Fugro UAE Base (work shop)R.O.V Pilot Technician Fugro UAE (staff) Client: 5 Oceans, Alcafgi Oilfield, Saudi Arabia.R.O.V Pilot Technician Contracted to Jay-Ray Mc DermottR.O.V Pilot Technician FUGRO, UAE/ Sime Darby Engineering (SDE)R.O.V Pilot Technician Aquanos North SeaR.O.V Technician G.T Electronics, Malton/York UKR.O.V Pilot Technician MV Sarsen (Private research vessel) Asia
— Mark P
Since my ROV course at Subnet some of my work has been with:Subsea 7 and Tilone Nigeria as an ROV Pilot
— Sam A
After the course my first job was on the EOG Tucan Platform as ROV Pilot Tech ii
— Seon S - Trinidad
Yes I have worked with quite a few companies on ROV projects since my ROV course at Subnet some I list.Fugro Survey Middle East (FSME) ROV Pilot Technician Sr.Fugro Survey Middle East (FSME) ROV Pilot Technician.CCC Underwater Engineering, ROV Pilot TechnicianAquanos ROV Pilot TechnicianFugro Survey Middle East (FSME) ROV Pilot Technician Sr.Allseas Marine services ROV Pilot Technician Jr.Allseas Marine services ROV Pilot Technician Jr.Allseas Marine servicesTrainee ROV Pilot Technicin
— P - K
Since passing the Subnet ROV Course I have been flying:ROV Tech/Pilot ROV        :   ROV Seaeye Falcon 1262ROV Tech/Pilot ROV        :   ROV Seaeye Cougar 1404ROV Tech/Pilot  ROV        :   Sealion 20ROV Tech/Pilot  ROV        :   ROV Seaeye Surveyor Plus 233
— HD - UK

Useful Information regarding ROV and the Industry

Why Are Individuals training or Technicians retraining into this highly interesting and Rewarding Career

Skilled Professional

Interesting and respected work

The Job of a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Technician is varied and exciting.

The ROV Pilot Technician is a Highly Respected member of any offshore subsea project team. He can earn a superb living for himself and or family.

The ROV team members are respected and treated as true professionals on any salvage, oilfield or scientific project.

Their knowledge and competence of completing tasks thought impossible has earned them that respect.

They are expected to travel to any location Worldwide to perform duties that are both interesting and exciting.

Skilled Professional

To be a part of a growing industry

The ROV industry is a growing industry unlike most others.

Demand for competent ROV personnel is high. SubNet are always advertising for ROV pilots for both ourselves and clients and have now added ROV Tooling technicians to our personnel base.

ROV's are being asked to do more technical jobs deeper.The World's oilfields are growing in number and water depth and ROV's are now being used for deeper and more technical jobs. The number of ROV companies are also growing world wide all looking for competent trained staff. The companies that build ROV's have full order books.

ROV Career Path

Well Defined Promotional Career Path

Then choose the course that meets your full entry level needs to get you on the ROV Competency & career ladder.

There is a well defined ROV industry career path it is clear to all personnel the next job position on the ladder they need to achieve and competences they need to gain.

Use our career path document to understand what pre qualification is needed to allow entry to the industry and allow you to choose the best training courses for the path you wish to follow. Then when you understand your training needs you can view the course training material and book your on line and practical courses with SubNet?

Go to ROV Career Path »


Highly Paid

Most ROV personnel will work on a job for between 6 and 8 months and the remainder of the year will be on/off leave.
The salary is high and leave plentiful but this will always depend on which world location you decide to work and what company hires you.

17000 USD a MONTH (UK 2009 rates) can be earned as a Basic ROV Tech in many world locations and that's before you get promotion.


Good Leave

You will receive good leave to see your family throughout the year and as many other offshore workers do, you will probably see more of your family in real time than many of those working at home
in a 9–5 job.

With a High Salary, Paid Travel and Good Leave Schedules its not long before you and your family are enjoying a good lifestyle. Taking in a holiday any time of the year, meeting your partner after a job completion in perhaps Mexico. Able to buy that bigger house you have always dreamed of or just the fact that you can take time off whenever you need it for whatever you want.

World Travel

World Tour

Oilfields are located all over the World and we send our ROV pilots to places such as Mexico, USA, Russia, UK & Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, China and Australasia.

The varied and exciting work will take the pilot anywhere in the world to complete underwater tasks such as Oilfield, Scientific, Salvage and inshore works.

For example, one month an ROV pilot could be working in Mexico and the next month he could be on a salvage operation in the South China Sea. All travel and expenses are paid by the companies.

Why Train with SubNet Services?

Quality Instructors

We use only quality instructors with many years experience in the field. You get maximum hands on flying time as we have 3 ROV vehicles on site.



We have set up a purpose made ROV training centre in the Philippines with ideal training conditions all year round. An off-course extra (not guaranteed as not part of the course) is the possibility of using the ROV to inspect the wrecks of Subic such as the US Battleship New York, A USN Jet Fighter etc.

SubNet have added the best offshore oilfield simulated mock ups such as a simulated oilfield platforms bracing node, pipeline, anodes, valve assemblies and xmas tree to fly and perform tasks on.

We use the Philippines as it gives us good training conditions all year round. the money we are able to save we can re invest in better equipment and training. We are a UK company training professionals from UK but also from USA, Canada, Australia and all over the world.


Cost Effective

Our training systems both elearning and practcal are accredited by UKAS ISO 9001 so you can be assured of training standards being met and delivered.
Our courses are held in the Philippines which not only gives all year round ideal training conditions but is also lower cost for delegates.



SubNet's training location has many recreational activities close by, allowing delegates to relax at weekends, learn to scuba, dive some of Subic's great wrecks, trek the jungle, hire a jetski and many more activities to let your hair down and relax/enjoy some recreation.

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