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Second or Third Officer with DP

Job Closed

Must hold a DP (Dynamic Positioning) Certificate

Second Officer

1. The Second Officer reports to the Master (bridge or mooring operations), and to the

Chief Officer (cargo operations).

2. The Second Officer maintains navigation and cargo operation watches, according to

regulations, Company rules, and guidelines, with the following responsibilities - though

not be limited to:

(a) Attending to safe navigation, and monitoring the vessel’s performance.

(b) Acting as Safety Officer, if appointed.

(c) Taking charge of a medical emergency, if appointed.

(d) Inspecting and maintaining navigational aids, including radio equipment (i.e.


(e) Preparing passage plans, reports, maintaining bridge logs, and updating charts and

publication. (See notes on Job Descriptions, Section 22).

(f) Conducting navigation, maneuvering and cargo operation checks.

(g) Reporting defects or irregularities to the Master or Chief Officer immediately.

(h) Leading the deck fire team.

(i) Implementing the QSMS as it pertains to safe navigation and cargo operations.

(j) Checking weather routing, current charts, war zones to make passage most efficient

and safe for voyage.

(k) Making him/her familiar with hot zones, piracy, weather, etc. and makes Master

aware of these places and alternate routes.

3. Participates in the Company’s Succession Training Plan.

4. According to rank, has knowledge of international and national regulations, codes and

guidelines, Company policies, and instructions on emergency duties.


Must hold a DP (Dynamic Positioning) Certificate

Tanker Experience




Long Term

Job is closed. You can no longer apply.

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