SubNet Services can supply individual personnel OR help you assemble a complete project team with the necessary skill sets to complete that project. We can also offer project management of that team if required.

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Recruitment Job List

  • Location: Italy/Netherlands
  • Duration: 1 week

Job: Matrasses installationROV Type: Cougar Start date: 15-7-2012

  • Location: Italy/Netherland
  • Duration: 1 week

Start date: 15-7-2012 Job: Matrasses installationROV Type: Cougar

  • Location: Netherlands or Italy
  • Duration: 3 or 4 days

Start date: 12-7-2012 ROV type: Tiger

  • Location: UAE
  • Duration: aproxx 3os

Start date: ASAP Rate: TBA -air ticket and accommodation provided - must be free visa on arrival to UAE

  • Location: Angola
  • Duration: 5 years contract

Rotation: 28on/28 OffStart Date: ASAPRate: TBATo manage/ assist inspection coordinators for Inspection and maintenance of subsea facilities,

  • Location: India
  • Duration: Permanent role, might be a 2 yrs contract

Job details: Location: India Start date: Once approved for the job..ASAP Duration: Permanent role, if job goes well personnel can be given a 2 yrs…

  • Location: Iran Offshore
  • Duration: 6 on and 6 off

duration: 6 on/6 off in case good performancevehicle: Seaeye Falconsow: Jack Up assistance Seamans book is a must

  • Location: offshore israel
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks

Start Date: on/abt 12th July 2012 Rate: TBA Qualifications: CSWIP 3.1 + 3.2Requirements: General Visual Inspection + Eddy Current + MPI

  • Location: Germany/Denmark
  • Duration: 2-4weeks

Star Date: ASAP Rate: TBA Scope of work: assistance in operations of a 12m tripod for susbsea measurements Team: 2 people, working at the demand…

  • Location: Germany/Denmark
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks

Start Date: ASAP Rate: TBA cope of work: assistance in operations of a 12m tripod for susbsea measurementsTeam: 2 people, working at the demand (the…

  • Location: Belgium
  • Duration: 1 year

start date: ASAP Rotation: 6 Weeks on/ 6 weeks off Scope of work: assistance of cable lay between wind turbinesSystems used: Seaeye Cougar XT (Jifmar)…

  • Location: Norway
  • Duration: 4/4

Job Details: Location: Norway Start date: 4th July Rotation: 4/4 Rate: TBA Qualifications: Construction experience

  • Location: UK
  • Duration: 3-5 weeks

Location: UK sector Duration: 3- 5 weeks Start Date; 4 July Rate; negotiable Nationality: any, able to work UK Scope of work: trenching or XLX…

  • Location: Jakarta
  • Duration: 6 weeks

Location: Jakarta Start Date: 4th July Duration: 6 weeks Rate: US$700 Required Certs; IMCA, medical, survival Nationality: Preferably Indonesian but not mandatory. Qualifications: With significant…

  • Location: Brazil
  • Duration: Indefinte

Start Date:ASAPRotation: 6 mths on/3 offRate: TBD, looking for an economic solutionScope of work: mate and DPO duties on a shuttle tanker

Survey Technician Job Closed
  • Location: Norway
  • Duration: 3-4 weeks approx

Start Date: 4th JulyRate: TBApreferably with starfix experience and valid Norwegian medical and OLF safety survival certificate

Surveyor/Engineer Job Closed
  • Location: Norway
  • Duration: 3-4 weeks

Start Date: 1st JulyRate: TBAPreferably with Seis experience.

  • Location: North Sea/Norway
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Start Date: ASAP Rate: TBA Must have applicable certifications to work in Norway

ACFM Operator Job Closed
  • Location: Congo
  • Duration: aproxx 1 week

Start Date: ASAP rate: Tba Preferably holding SA Passport as it easier with visas

ROV Superintendent Job Closed
  • Location: Holland/Germany
  • Duration: 10 days

Start Date: ASAPRate: TBAPreferably with Super Mohawk experience

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