SubNet Services Accredited as
AWS Welder Test Facility (ATF)

SubNet Services Asia facility in the Philippines has been accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS) as a certified ATF. This means our staff and our testing lab operate in accordance with the AWS QC4-89, Standard for Accreditation of Test Facilities for the AWS Certified Welder Program.


We operate our American Welding Society (AWS) ATF accredited test facility full time. Even 7 days a week when it is required by clients for urgent welder qualification requirements.

Independent welders are also welcome.

We understand clients urgent needs especially in the growing asian oilfields.

On Site Certification

Talk to us also if you need our on site mobile welder qualification unit to help you speed up large volumes of welder qualification.

We understand it's difficult to organise large welding teams to travel and that's why we can come to you at your preferred schedule if this helps and at any time and day to help you get your welders assessed, qualified and certified.

If you need welders assessed, certified - qualified by an international AWS Accredited Test Facility in the Philippines contact us here:

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