Combined CFOT & CFOSH Fiber To The Premises FTTx FTTH Course

This Accredited and Certificated Fiber Optics Technician Course is the combination of CFOT and CFOSH courses

TEL2005 Combined CFOT & CFOSH Fiber To The Premises FTTx FTTH Course

Basic PLUS Advanced Fiber Optics Technician

This course covers theory and practical hands on bench work and delivers competences leading to 2 X FOA certification as Basic CFOT then plus the CFOSH Fiber To The Premises FTTx FTTH Course over a 6 day period.


Our objective is to provide our students with the hands-on knowledge and the ability to identify fiber types, recognize various connectors used in fiber installation; and install, terminate, splice and properly fault test installed fiber cable to the premises following existing standards. This program explores the history and future of Fiber Optics, Fiber Optics Capabilities and Installation to the premises. We prepare our students for work in any field utilizing advanced fiber optic technologies who after passing this course will be competently able to analyze with confidence any fiber cables, networks or installations to the premises.


This combined FOA Accredited and Certificated Course is designed to take the beginner to Advanced stage in short time. After completing the course students have the opportunity to immediately sit the FOA exams at our school.


SubNet are a FOA (Fiber Optics Association) approved course provider: All competences needed to place you in demand from leading FO business and gives a complete understanding of Fiber Optic Component, Network Design, Installation and Trouble Shooting. This program provides extensive hands-on practice on OTDR experience, Termination, Splicing and Basic Fiber Optic Network Design and Instalation to the premises with at least 75% hands-on activities.


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February 26th, 2018March 2nd, 2018
March 12th, 2018March 16th, 2018
April 2nd, 2018April 6th, 2018
April 23rd, 2018April 27th, 2018
May 14th, 2018May 18th, 2018
May 28th, 2018June 1st, 2018
June 18th, 2018June 22nd, 2018
July 2nd, 2018July 6th, 2018
July 16th, 2018July 20th, 2018
July 30th, 2018August 3rd, 2018
August 13th, 2018August 17th, 2018
August 27th, 2018August 31st, 2018
September 3rd, 2018September 7th, 2018
September 10th, 2018September 14th, 2018
September 24th, 2018September 28th, 2018
October 8th, 2018October 12th, 2018
October 22nd, 2018October 26th, 2018
November 5th, 2018November 9th, 2018
November 19th, 2018November 23rd, 2018
December 3rd, 2018December 7th, 2018

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