I have trained elsewhere but not many flying hours can you give me flying hours only?

Yes we can.

Quite a few industry pilot technicians find that companies have stated they do not meet their requirements due to shortage of logged flying hours and or certain competences.

Perhaps due to the nature of their previous work or where they did their initial training.

Subnet offer various refresher courses that include 10 logged flying hours. Depending on your certification and past skills these refresher courses are tailored to deliver some or all of the following competences. Rov Hydraulics Rov High Voltage Rov High Voltage Safety Rov Fiber Optics Rov Electronics Rov Sonar Rov CP Inspection Rov Manipulator All competences stamped in ROV LOG BOOK by subnet PLUS the refresher course you choose will come with 10 Hrs logged flying completing tasks over Oilfield Simulated Objects.

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