How soon can I get a job after finishing the ROV course?

The ROV industry is growing faster than ever and there is a shortage of competent ROV Pilots Technicians. To get a job you need to be proven competent as a Grade 2 IMCA R4 as stipulated within the IMCA C005 rev 2 Document and this is why we use our competency task based training system.

Our course covers the FULL list of competences from this competence framework and a LOT more. Our system instantly assures ROV companies how competent our delegates are after passing any of our courses.

Near the end of the course we will help you to send your CV and competencies to our ROV clients to help place you.

There are a lot of SubNet ROV pilot Technician course graduates that came from
different countries and backgrounds that are already offshore working for ROV companies world wide.

As for getting a job, we never promise anyone that they will get work right after the course. This will depend on how good you are at presenting yourself hard for work, it is always the first job in the oilfield business that is the hardest.

Companies may also use our on line course material which contains tests to assess you at their office location.

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