How much pocket money should I bring while on ROV Course?

Thats hard to answer.

If you take our offers and book the course with transport, room and food included you would really need very little.

Most people though will want to go out and about for a few times during the course as the Philippines as we all know has many attractions and good nightlife.

The cost of living is low compared to most countries like UK and USA.

Most of our delegates are from UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc and find it hard to believe you can get 6 beers in an ice bucket and a tasty meal for 250 pesos to 500 pesos.

But you could also go to a top 5 star hotel Buffet eat all you can lunch for 1000 pesos.

Some example prices are in order.

Taxi are very cheep between 100 pesos for say a 30 min ride to 200 pesos for over 1 hr (Manila Only)

Trike on average 35 pesos if you take it alone

Jeepney average 15 peso

Subnet can also arrange minibus lux van and driver at very low cost for touring at weekends or non training days for sightseeing

Our Student Welcome Pack gives many cost examples including good places to go for food, entertainment, weekend trips, bars, fun, nightlife etc.

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