What certification will I be getting after taking the Rov Pilot Technician Courses?

The course covers training on The FULL IMCA R4 Competences as listed within IMCA C005 rev2. After satisfactorily being graded competent on the course, course modules and course task competences you will receive our Commercial Rov Pilot Technician grade 11 Certification Card.

You will receive a industry recognised ROV Pilot Technician Log Book stamped as as being IMCA Rov Pilot Grade 2-R4-C005 rev2 Competent. You will also receive grading on the added competences that the industry have asked us to add to our course.

SubNet Services are IMCA members and our certification is recognised as more than complying with the IMCA recommendtions regarding ROV training.

IMCA are recognised Internationally and most if not all ROV companies employing pilots within the oil industry are IMCA members.

Your certification and IMCA R4 Pilot Tech 2 competences will be recorded within our competence assurance system so that all ROV companies can be assured you are competent and they can review your training.

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