What kind of weather should I expect. And what type of clothing should I bring?

The Philippine weather is quite predictable its why we train in the philippines and there are only two seasons: the dry season and the wet season. It is always warm or hot year round so bring along usual light tropical clothing. The wet season or the rainy season is from June to November and rains mostly in the evenings while the dry season is from December to May.

Bring your own Safety Boots, Shorts, Slacks, T Shirts, Light Shirts, light Socks, Light Shoes or Trainers and don't forget the Swim Suits and Sandals, Sunglasses, cap, Sun Block Creme especially for fun days on the beech.

We supply on arrival complimentary SubNet Clothing Pack comprising of Smart Short Sleeved Lightweight Tropical SuBnet Rov Coveralls, SubNet T Shirt, Subnet Cap and SubNet Polo Shirt these are yours to keep at the end of the course.

You need to supply Safety Shoes or Boots but ALL other safety PPE equipment Hard Hats, Life Jackets, Waterproofs, Safety Glasses, Ear Defenders etc is supplied by Subnet as its needed on the training site in some areas: .

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