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5 Shipwrecks re-assessed for ROV Pilot Technician Training - Visual Inspection Competency Tasks

By Web Team. Posted on March 9th, 2009 at 8:30 am.

Although not guaranteed as part of the course Delegates taking part in the Competency/Task based ROV Pilot Technician II Training Course, should get the opportunity to participate in close-visual-inspection scenario's on one of the many interesting wrecks using a remotely operated vehicle equipped with Sonar technology.

USS New York, Subic Bay

Subic bay has many wrecks which are good subjects for ROV (remotely operated vehicle) Visual inspection scenario's, they have been there for many years, and have some good corrosion. Some delegates also decide to throw on their scuba gear at the weekends and try diving the wrecks for some fun recreation while not training.

ROV Pilot Technician Course - Delegate Competency Tasks:

Tasks to include the below and more from IMCA guidelines

  • Complete close visual video inspections Tasks
  • Witness the effect of corrosion
  • Recording to DVD
  • Audio Dubbing
  • Interpreting Sonar Display, Object Identification
  • Producing a dive log
  • Compiling an Inspection Report

ROV Pilot Technician Course - Close Visual Inspection task subjects

The inspection scenario's subject is chosen from one of the following available for the task:

USS New York

A little info about the USS New York.


A little info about the AN LST

El Capitan

A little info about the El Capitan

Japanese Patrol Boat

A little info about the Japanese Patrol Boat


A little info about the LCU

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