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ROV Competence Certification

By Web Team. Posted on March 2nd, 2015 at 9:41 am.

Subnet ROV Competence Certification.

Subnet have been IMCA ROV and Training members for 15 or more years now.
Our ROV training delivers the IMCA syllabus plus a lot more demanded by clients.
Other ROV schools usually give only an attendance certificate
Subnet deliver a competence assurance certificate.

Subnet ROV Certificates are NOT just attendance certificates. All our certificates list the competences that the student has gained and has been tested successfully on. These competences are the competences needed for the IMCA positions.

For ROV Companies it means they can immediately see all competences the holder has passed/gained are listed on the back of the certificate that equate to the position trained in. They can confidently add these competences to the pilots work competence history.
For Students It means for those that pass our courses they have proven their competence that IMCA specify for their job titles in the IMCA C005 ROV competency document.

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