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Tritech Micron Sonar Added to Subnet Training ROV 1

By Web Team. Posted on August 8th, 2009 at 10:13 am.

The addition of a new Sonar to SubNet ROV 1 to allow Competency based sonar tasks and assessment within the ROV Pilot Tech Grade II training course.

This has allowed us to set up additional ROV sonar tasks and implement a ROV sonar training and competence assessment module.


  • Extremely small sonar - our smallest yet!
  • Digital CHIRP System
  • Full software functionality
  • True acoustic zoom
  • Forward Looking Sonar, 360 Degree Sonar and Sector Scan Sonar Modes
  • Instant scan reversal and sector scan options
  • Inverted mode sonar operation
  • Hard boot protection for transducer
  • Cost effective and reliable sonar
  • Target size measurement
  • Simple sonar to operate


  • Small ROV obstacle avoidance sonar
  • Small ROV target recognition sonar
  • AUV guidance

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