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Subnet ROV Pilot Technician Training Course Updated to "IMCA C005 rev2 R04"

By Web Team. Posted on November 15th, 2009 at 12:00 pm.

IMCAIMCA’s guidance on competence assurance and assessment has been developed to provide offshore contractors with a framework on which to build their own competence schemes, thereby giving the offshore industry in general confidence that all personnel appointed to safety-critical and other relevant positions can carry out their jobs in an effective manner.

A competent workforce is more productive, operating with reduced risks, shorter downtime and fewer injuries. At the same time, all those involved know a rigorous assessment procedure is in place against which their skills, experience and knowledge will be measured.

A competence framework also enables personnel to plan their career development, as it outlines to them the steps required in order to attain the required levels of competence for their current job function and future career path development.

The IMCA C005 guidance therefore aims to:

  • Specify minimum standards for qualifications and, where applicable, minimum experience required to ensure that personnel are competent to fulfil their safety-critical and other relevant responsibilities and fulfil their roles
  • Specify a competence assurance framework showing how proficiency can be developed, demonstrated, accepted and maintained
  • Provide a reference document detailing the procedures, criteria and recording system to be applied when assessing the competence of personnel engaged in all positions but especially safety critical positions. The Subnet Services R-04 ROV Pilot Technician Grade 2 covers all the R04 competences PLUS more competences asked of us by and developed by us for the ROV industry

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