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Subnet Trains more US Navy Personnel as ROV Pilot Technicians

By Web Team. Posted on April 15th, 2010 at 12:56 pm.

Subnet were able to offer the US Navy Diving Team Members not just how to fly ROV's but also give them a wide range of ROV technical competences & skills.

The professional competences gained by the US Navy Divers will also give them a world recognised certification and further career path once they leave the Navy.

The US NAVY, adds to the wide-range of skilled professionals that have changed their career and trained at Subnet Services on the "Commercial ROV Pilot Technician II Training Course".

Other US Forces groups we have trained:

  • US Navy Divers
  • UK Airforce Personnel
  • US Airforce F15 Technicians

These and many other skilled professionals that are looking for a career change are very good candidates to becoming ROV Pilots.

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