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Subnet online competency e-learning system for Offshore Training

By Web Team. Posted on September 9th, 2010 at 6:00 pm.

Subnet Services Ltd have launched an Online Elearning System tailored to their Range of Courses. This enables Subnet to provide sections of their course for participants to prepere themselves from the comfort of there homes before they arrive and take the complete tests.

Subnet has launched the system with the Imca requirement of a ROV Familiarisation and Introduction module.

Elearning Example

Subnet have created an online portal to allow our students to log in and take the courses and tests at their leisure before they arrive for any of the entry level ROV courses. This we have found is great to prepare the students and make them more familiar with the terminology and the ROV and sub sea industry in general, thus saving time at the training site which allows us to lower the cost to the student.

By NO means is this a replacement for the real courses (which are conducted on-site), it is an aid in prepping the student with information which the courses contain, allowing the student to be familar with the terms and daily operations of ROV's and the Offshore Sub Sea environment and other aspects of the industry.

The selection of courses provided, are listed below by category.

Remotely Operated Vehicle

  • ROV Electrical High Voltage and Safety
  • ROV Familiarisation Basic Introductory Module (View Course Detail)
  • ROV Hydraulics and Safety
  • ROV Supervisor

Tests are included as you can see from the below image..

rov handling systems

Subnet's sister company has been in the Multimedia business for over 15 years, and we have merged our knowledge to bring our students a more effective and pleasing way to learn.


Existing Students can visit the site by following this link.

Try 1 module FREE now here:-

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