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ROV Industry Career Path Explained

By Web Team. Posted on October 3rd, 2010 at 3:10 am.

There seems to be so much confusion for NEW Personnel trying to enter the ROV Industry as to the accepted entry level requirements, what ROV training is required and what ROV training is available. There are some additional training requirements that are also required before personnel can actually go offshore which may not be clear or given out freely.

To make it simple for NEW personnel to understand the COMPLETE facts Subnet Services Ltd have produced a ROV Industry Career Path Flow Chart document.

ROV Industry Career Path Explained

The document maps out ALL requirements in a simple flow chart document.

We base it on the IMCA and Oilfield Industry rules that almost every ROV company that operates within the oilfields of the world has agreed to follow.

Please take some time to study the flowchart.

it is here:


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